Gender: Masculine
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “who is like Yahweh?”

The name is found in the Old Testament as the title of a book and the name of one of the minor prophets who predicted the destruction of Jerusalem.

Currently, Micah is the 108th most popular male name in the United States, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Michaiah (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Miquees (Catalan)
  • Mihej Михеј (Croatian/Serbian)
  • Micheáš (Czech/Slovak)
  • Micha (Dutch/German/Latin)
  • Miika (Finnish)
  • Michée (French)
  • Mikayahu מִיכָיְהוּ (Hebrew)
  • Mikha מִיכָה (Hebrew)
  • Michea (Italian)
  • Michėjo (Lithuanian)
  • Micheasz (Polish)
  • Miqueias (Portuguese)
  • Mica (Romanian)
  • Mihéja Михе́я (Russian)
  • Mika (Scandinavian)
  • Miqueas (Spanish)