Gender: Masculine
Origin: Turkish
Meaning: debated

The name is a modern Turkish form of the ancient Turkic name Mondu, which is of debated origin. It has been suggested by various scholars that Mondu may be a Chinese corruption of the Turkic honorific title, Baghatur.

In history, the name was borne by Mondu Chanyu (234-174 BCE) an emperor of a Central Asian federation known in Chinese as Xionghu. Mondu is credited as being the founder of the Xiongnu Empire centered in modern day Mongolia. Among the Turks, he is known as Mete Han, and he is considered one of the first known Turkish rulers.

Currently, Mete is the 403rd most popular male name in Germany, (2011).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Mete (Azeri)
  • Ogüz (Azeri)
  • Mede Мөде (Kazakh)
  • Mөde Мөде (Tatar)
  • Oguz (Turkmen)