Gender: Female
Origin: Greek
Meaning “to celebrate with song and dance.”
English (mel-PAH-meh-NEE); Greek (mel-po-MEH-nee)

The name is found in Greek mythology by the Muse of Tragedy. She was often invoked by poets and singers before they performed. She was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne.

The name comes from the Greek Μελπομενη meaning “choir.”

Other obscure gems include:

  • Melpòmene (Catalan/Galician/Spanish)
  • Melpomené (Czech/Hungarian)
  • Melpomène (French: mel-poh-MEN)
  • Melpomenė (Lithuanian)
  • Melpômene (Portuguese: very obscure)
  • Melpomena (Serbo-Croatian/Slovene)