Melior, Meliora, Melora

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin/Breton
Meaning “better”or “honey-maker.”
Pronunciation (mel-YORE); (mel-YORE-uh); (meh-LORE-uh).

The name is somewhat debated, it may come directly from the Latin adjective melior meaning “better” or its possibly a medieval French corruption of the Breton, Meler, which means “honey-maker.”

The name has evolved to the more modern form of Melora.

Melior is found in French folklore, it was the name of the sister of Mélusine and Palatyne. She was cursed to keep a sparrow hawk in a palace in Armenia until she was rescued.

Possible nickname options include Mel, Liora, Lior, Ora, Lora or Lori.