Tarana, Təranə

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Persian
Meaning: “melody; music.”

The name is derived from an Old Persian source meaning, “music; melody.”

As of 2010, it was the 10th most popular name among the general female population in Azerbaijan.

It is sometimes transliterated as Tarana and in this case is the name of a is a type of composition in Hindustani classical vocal music.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek/English
(MEL-o-dee); MEL-e-dee)

The name has often been thought to be taken directly from the English word, but is actually derived from an ancient Greek female name, Melodia μελῳδία, of the same meaning.

French forms are Mélodie and Mélodine. The name is still in usage in Modern Greece, in the form of Melodia.

Its English form of Melody also seems to have had some usage in the Netherlands.

The designated name-day in France is October 1.


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