Melissa, Melitta

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “honey bee.”
Μελισσα, Μελιττα
(meh-LIS-sah); (meh-LIT-tah)

Melissa feels dull and rather dated, though it should not be overlooked that Melissa actually has a cool meaning and a pretty interesting mythological story behind it. Melissa comes directly from the Greek word for a honey bee. Some sources insist that the Greek word Melissa is a bastardization of an ancient Hititte word for honey, though I was unable to confirm this. In Greek mythology, Melissa was a Cretan princess who served the god Zeus honey. Out of appreciation, he transformed her into a honey bee. In 1984, Melissa had a peak, where it came in at # 8. It currently stands at # 134. Though Melissa has run her course, the ancient Attic variation of Melitta might be a far more refreshing alternative. Melitta has been in usage in Germany for quite awhile. In fact, its the name of a German coffee company. The company was named in honour of the wife of the company’s founder, Melitta Bentz (1873-1950).