vesiretkeilyGender: Feminine
Origin: Finnish
Meaning: “mind; soul; spirit”

The name is derived from the Finnish mieli meaning “mind; soul; spirit.” In Finnish mythology, the name is borne by the wife of Tapio and the goddess of the hunt and of forests. She appears quite a bit in the Finnish Epic, the Kalevala. The designated name-day is September 23. To hear how the name is pronounced go here: http://www.forvo.com/search/Mielikki/



01Gender: Feminine
Origin: Estonian
Meaning: “mind; thought; idea.”

The name is derived from the Estonian word meel meaning “mind; thought; idea.” Its designated name-day is September 12. Another form is Meelike (MAY-lee-keh). The name might make an appealing alternative to the increasingly popular Miley. The name is borne by Estonian Supermodel Meeli Mullari (pictured above).