Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic رياض
Meaning: “meadows; gardens.”

The name is derived from the Arabic plural form of rawdah  روضة.

This is the name of the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia, though it has been used mostly as a male given name since before the city was founded.

It is the name of a heroine in the medieval Arabic romance Bayad & Riyad (circ. 13th-century C.E.). Despite the heroine in the romance, the name is mostly used as a masculive given name.

As of 2010, its Bosnian form of Rijad was the 30th most popular male name in Bosnia & Herzegovina. A Bosnian feminine form is Rijada.

A variant transliteration is Riad, which is also the name of a Moroccan style courtyard.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Estonian
Meaning: “meadow.”

The name may have originally been an Estonian form of the Scandinavian Åsa, but has come to be associated with the Estonian word aas (meadow).

The designated name-day is May 6.

Other forms include: Aase, Asse.


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