Gender: Masculine
Origin: French/South Slavic Марин

The name is a South Slavic and French form of the Latin male name, Marinus.

In French, the name also coincides with the French word for sailor and is the name of a a warm, moist wind in the Gulf of Lion of France, blowing from the southeast or south-southeast onto the coast of Languedoc and Roussillon.

The name also has a long history of usage in South Eastern Europe. It was borne by Marin Barleti, a 15th-century Albanian historian and priest. Another illustrious bearer is Marin Držić, considered the Shakespeare of Croatia, Držić was a Renaissance playwright and prose-writer.

Other important bearers include:

  • Marin Getaldić (1568-1626), a Ragusan mathematician and physicist.
  • Marin Marais (1656-1728) a French composer.
  • Marin Goleminov (1908-2000) a famous Bulgarian composer and musician.

Famous American bearers include, Chief Marin (1781-1831), a Native American chief of the Licatiut Tribe. He was born Huicmuse, but took the Christian name of Marino or sometimes Marin, depending on the record. Marin County California and the Marin Islands were named in his honour.

It was also borne by Marin Boucher, (1587-1671), an early French settler and pioneer to New France, who many French-Canadians can trace their lineage to.

As of 2009, Marin was the 29th most popular male name in Croatia and the 278th most popular in France.

In addition to Croatia and France, the name is also used in Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania.

Its Italian and Spanish form of Marino is also very popular in Croatia, coming in as the 55th most popular male name, (2009).