Jomantas, Jomantė

Origin: Lithuanian
Meaning: “smart horse”
(yoh-MAHN-tas; yo-MAHN-tay)

The name is composed of the Lithuanian element jo- (joti) meaning, “horse” and mantas meaning, “smart.”

Jomantas is masculine and Jomantė feminine.

Their designated name-day is February 7.




intelligenceGender: Masculine
Origin: Lithuanian
Meaning: “smart; intelligent.”

The name is derived from the Lithuanian word mantus meaning “smart; intelligent.” Its designated name-day is October 1st. The feminine form is Mantė (MAHN-tay).


Marching_soldiersGender: Masculine
Origin: Lithuanian
Meaning: “smart march; smart walk.”

The name is composed of the ancient Lithuanian elements žy– (žygiuoti, žygis) meaning “march; walk” and mantas meaning “smart.” Its designated name day is September 30. Feminine form is Žymantė.