Malvina, Malwina

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Scottish/Polish
Eng (mel-VEE-nah); Pol (mahl-VEE-nah)
The name is of debated origin and meaning but was possibly created by the Scottish poet James MacPherson for a character in one of his Ossian poems in the 18th century. MacPherson may have gotten the name from the Gaelic Malamhin meaning “smooth brow”. Other sources claim that it origins are Germanic and that it is comprised of the elements mahal meaning “justice” and wine meaning “friend.”For whatever reason, the name became extremely popular in both Poland and Lithuania. One possible explanation is that in Polish, it sounds similar to the Polish botanical word malwa meaning “mallow flower.” In both Poland and Lithuania, its designated name day is July 4th. Nicknames include Malwinka.