Bos/Eng/Sp (MY-dah) or Eng (MAY-dah)

The name could be of a few different origins. It could be from the Arabic, سورة المائدة al-ma’idah (the table), the name name of a sura and 5th Chapter of the Qu’ran.

It could also be taken from the name of a place in Italy, which was popularized after a Battle took place there in 1807, a huge victory for Britain. Sir Walter Scott named his dog in honour of the victory.

It was also occassionally used as a short form of Magdalena or Madeleine in the 18th-century, eventually spinning off into an independent given name.

It was also the name of the eponymous heroine in the early 20th-century children series, by Inez Haynes Irwin (1873-1970), Maida.

It has also been connected with the Arabic word ma’id which means “angry; disgusted.”

As of 2010, Maida was the 72nd most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Another Bosnian form is Majida.

A Bosnian masculine form is Maid.