Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech/Slovak
Meaning: “dear; pleasant”

The name is borne by a legendary Czech princess who was considered the mother of the Czech people. In the 8th-century, she supposedly founded the city of Prague. She was the youngest daughter of King Krok and was chosen by her father to be heir to his throne.

The people, however, were not pleased with the idea of a female ruler so she was forced to resign and choose a successor. She pointed her finger in the direction of Stadice and chose a ploughman by the name of Premsyl. Libuse married him and thus began a Czech dynesty.

Its designated name day is July 10.

In German chronicles, the name was often rendered as Libussa or Libusche.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech
Meaning: “love”

The name is derived from the Slavic element ljub meaning “love.” Its designated name-day in the Czech Republic is November 6th. Other forms of the name include the Bulgarian Lyubina and the Serbo-Croat Ljubina. Czech diminutive forms are Líba, Libuška and Libby.