Gender: Feminine

Origin: English
Well, it is the fourth of July and I have been saving this name for this occasion. Liberty as a first name came about around the late 1700s, (in the United States), possibly right after the Declaration was signed. It has been used here and there since. It currently comes in at # 620 of the most popular females names in the United States. Liberty has been personified as a goddess or woman since the Roman Empire. The goddess Libertas had a temple erected in her honour after the Second Punic War on the Aventine Hill in Rome. During the French Revolution, Lady Liberty became a sort of secular goddess or religious figure for many of its movers and shakers. In the Notre Dame for example, the church’s name was changed to the Temple of Reason and the Virgin Mary statues were replaced with Lady Liberty statues. The Statue of Liberty in New York is probably one the world’s most famous renditions. One thing appealing about this name is its possible nickname option of Libby. Other possible nickname choices are Bertie or Birdie.