Gender: Masculine
Origin: German/Frankish
Meaning: “people of the spear; spear people.”
Fre (leh-ZHAY)

The name is derived from the Old German name, Leudgari, which is composed of the Germanic elements, leud (people) and gar (spear).

The name was borne by an early saint, St. Léger of Autun, a 5th-century bishop and martyr. He was tortured by the Duke of Champagne, by having his eyes gouged out and cauterized and was not murdered until years later.

Other forms of the name include:

Leodogari (Catalan)
Leodegarius (Dutch/Late Latin)
Leodegar (English/Polish)
Leodogar (German)
Leodogario (Italian)

The designated name-day is October 2 (France and Poland).


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