Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic  لامعة
Meaning: “bright; radiant.”

The name is derived from the Arabic, لمعان (lamian) meaning, “shining.”

The name appears in Greek mythology as the name of a Greek mythological female creature on par with the vampire. In this case, it has been suggested that the name is derived from the Greek λαιμός (laimos) meaning, “gullet.” However, since the mythical creature was believed to originally been a Libyan queen, the name may be of Semitic roots and may actually be one in the same with the Arabic female name.

In Greek Mythology, Lamia was said to be a beautiful Libyan queen who later became an child eating demon. She is depicted as having a half-serpent body.

The name also appears in Basque folklore as the name of a type of undine with duck feet. Due to its ominous associations in Greek Mythology, the name has never been used in the Western World.

John Keats wrote an eponymous poem which immortalizes the creature.

As of 2010, the Bosnian form of Lamija was the 2nd most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

A variant transcription is Lamya.