Gender: Masculine
Origin: Japanese

The name could be of various different meaning depending on the Kanji. Here are the following possibilities.

  • 賢三, “wise, three”
  • 健三, “healthy, three”
  • 謙三, “humble, three”
  • 健想, “healthy, concept”
  • 建造, “build, create”
  • 健蔵, “healthy, storehouse”
  • 憲蔵, “constitution, storehouse”
  • 研造, “polish, create”

As of 2010, Kenzo was the 69th most popular male name in France. Its sudden popularity in France may be due to Kenzo, a brand of perfumes, clothes and skincare products which are very popular in France. The company was started by Japanese fashion designer, Kenzo Takada (b.1939).

The name was also borne by a Japanese Emperor who reigned around the 5th-century C.E.