• Gender: Feminine
  • Origin: Czech/Slovak
  • (yoh-LAH-nah)

I could probably just write about Yolanda and include Jolana in a small snippet of a paragraph, but once in a while, variants of names deserve their own due. Jolana is probably one of them. Jolana is just a Czech/Slovak form of Yolanda, which in turn is derived from a medieval French name meaning “violet.” For a guitar player, the sound of Jolana might hold some nostalgia. Between 1958 and 1989, Jolana was a Czechoslovakian electric guitar company. They were known for their rather inexpensive models, making them a popular item for Western musicians just starting out in their careers. George Harrison and Eric Clapton owned a Jolana at one time or another. With the fall of the Soviet Union, Jolana Electric Guitars sort of dissipated into oblivion or either into guitar collector’s haven. The originals are now a popular collectors items. Recently, a Czech company by the name of NBE started reproducing Jolana models. Despite it being the name of a well-known company, it is still a prevalent female given name in its home countries. Its designated name day is September 15th.