Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech/Slovak
Meaning: “fierce, strong, gracious, dear.”

The name is a feminine form of the old Czech male name, Jarmil, which is composed of the Slavic element, jary, meaning, “fierce, strong” and mil, meaning, “gracious, dear.”

The designated name-day is February 4th.

Common diminutive forms include: Jara, Jarina, Jarka, Jarmilka, Jaromilka, Jarulinka, Jaruna, Jarunka, Mila and Mili.

The masculine form is, of course, Jarmil.

Variations of both the masculine and the feminine are: Jaromil (m) and Jaromila (f).

Obscure Polish forms are: Jarmił and Jarmiła. A Polish feminine diminutive is Jarcza.