Edin, Din, Deen

Edin, Din, DeenEdin (eh-DEEN) is a Bosnian name derived from the Arabic دين (din) meaning “religion; faith; creed.” Its feminine form is Edina.

Its original Arabic form of Din or Deen is also used as a masculine given name across the Islamic world.


Hakim, Hakeem

Istanbul,_Hagia_Sophia,_AllahThe name is derived from an Arabic honorific title حكيم that can have several different meanings. The name roughly translates as “sage” or “wise” but it can also mean “physician” or “philosopher” and is often used to denote a doctor, judge or someone highly educated in a particular scientific field in the Arabic world.

It is also used as a given name in most of the Islamic world,as in Islam, Al-Hakim is one of the 99 names of Allah.

As of 2016, Hakeem 905th most popular male name. Hakeem first entered the U.S. top 1000 in 1989 when it peaked at its highest in popularity, coming in as the 586th most popular male name. Hakim has only appeared in the U.S. Top 1000 one time in 1976, when it was the 881st most popular male name.

In France, Hakim appeared in the Top 1000 between 1961 and 2008 and peaked in popularity in 1981 when it was the 161st most popular male name in France.

Another form is

  • Hakimi ჰაქიმი (Georgian)




Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: “voluntary submission to God.”

The name comes from the Arabic verbal noun meaning, “obedience, subjugation of someone or something, or the voluntary submissal to the Almighty.”

The name is technically unisex, but is more often used for males throughout the Islamic world.

As of 2010, Islam was the 14th most popular male name in Kazakhstan, (2010).

It is borne by the current president of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov (b.1938).