Arlette, Herlève

  • Gender: Feminine
  • Origin: French
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • (ar-LET); (air-LEV).

There is Arlette and then there is Herleve, what could these two names possibly have in common you may ask? According to historical data, Herleve, (sometimes rendered as Arlette, Arletta and Herleva), was the mother of William the Conquerer. Apparently, Arlette is a diminutive form of Herleve and for whatever reason, remained popular through the centuries while Herleve sort of fell out of memory. Arlette has a somewhat dated country singer feel, while Herleve, if pronounced correctly, may make an interesting name choice for your daughter. It has the possible nickname options of Eve or Leve. There is also the Polish form of Arleta. As for the meaning of this name, many sources are at a loss, but some believe it at least has the Germanic element of arn, meaning eagle, in it. The designated name day is July 17.