Gender: Feminine
Origin: Azeri
Meaning: “heart; soul.”

The name is from the Azeri meaning “heart” or “soul.”

It is currently the 8th most popular female name among the general female population in Azerbaijan, (2010).




Gender: Masculine
Origin: Aramaic
Meaning: uncertain
Eng (THAD-dee us; TAD-dee-us)

The name is a Greek transliteration of the Aramaic male name, Thaddai, which is argued to either be derived from an Aramaic word meaning heart or to be an Aramaic version of the Greek male name, Theodore.

In the New Testament, the name is borne by one of the 12 Apostles, known as Jude Thaddeus, especially among Catholics. He is popularly known as St. Jude, St. Thaddeus or St. Jude Thaddeus and is venerated as the patron saint of lost causes.

In American history, the name was borne by the Polish borne revolutionary hero, Taddeusz Kosciuszko (1746-1817).

In 2010, Thaddeus was the 983rd most popular male name in the United States. In Slovenia, Tadej was the 58th most popular male name of 2010.

The name Tadeusz, has always been a popular male name in Poland, it is the name of the title character of one of Poland’s beloved literary classics, Pan Tadeusz by Adam Mickiewicz.

Other forms of the name include:

Aday (Aramaic)
T’adeos Թադէոս (Armenian)
Tadevuš (Belarusian) (tah-DEH-voosh)
Tadija (Croatian) (TAH-dee-yah)
Tadeáš (Czech/Slovak) (tah-deh-AHSH)
Thaddée/Taddée (French) (tah-DAY)
Thaddäus (German) (tad-DAY-oos)
Thaddaeus/Thaddaios  Θαδδαιος (Greek: Biblical)
Tádé (Hungarian) (TAH-day)
Taddeo (Italian) (tah-DAY-o)
Tadas (Lithuanian) (TAH-dahs)
Tadeušas (Lithuanian) (TAH-deh-oo-SHAHS)
Tadeusz (Polish) (tah-DAY-oosh)
Tadeu (Portuguese)
Faddei/Faddey Фаддей (Russian) (FAD-day)
Tadej (Slovene) (tah-DAY)
Tadeo (Spanish) (tah-DEY-o)

Common English diminutives are Tad, Thad and Teddy. In Polish it is Tadek.

The designated name-days are: June 25 (Slovakia), October 28 (Poland) and October 30 (Czech Republic),

Feminine forms include the Italian, Taddea and the Polish, albeit rare, Tadea.


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She has a similar feel to the romantic Cordelia, in fact, it is even argued that Cordelia came from Cordula, but I will go further into that in a different entry in the future. For now, the focus is on the lovely Cordula. According to legend, St. Cordula of Cologne was one of the 11,000 companions of St. Ursula, when her friends were being massacred, Cordula cowardly hid in fear and survived, feeling guilty that she survived while her friends were dead, she presented herself to the Huns the next day and was promptly executed. Supposedly Albert the Great found her remains hundreds of years later. Her body was in perfect condition and on her head was written “Cordula, Queen and Virgin.” Her feast day is October 22.

The name is believed to be derived from the Late Latin cor, cordis meaning “heart” with the diminutive feminine suffix -ula attached to the end, hence “little heart.” It has been a common enough name in Germany, due to the popularity of the Saint’s cult.

Cordula was an epic German poem written by Max Waldau in 1854. It is also the name of an orchid from the slipper orchid genus.

Other forms of the name include Kordula which is another form used in Germany but is also used in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The Slavic diminutive forms are Kordulka, DulaDulka and Dalinka.