Gender: Masculine
Origin: Biblical/Hebrew
Meaning: “hot.”

The name is born in the Old Testament by one of the 3 sons of Noah. Noah cursed Ham after Ham had seen Noah naked while drunk. He is said to be the forefather of the Egyptians and Canaanites.

Other forms include: (NOTE: all these forms exists, but are scarcely used in their home countries)

  • Cham حام (Arabic)
  • Cam (Catalan/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Chám (Czech)
  • Cham (Dutch/Polish)
  • Ham (English/French/German)
  • Haam (Estonian/Finnish)
  • Ham חָם (Hebrew: Modern)
  • Kám (Hungarian)
  • Chamas (Lithuanian)
  • Kam (Norwegian)
  • Xham (Walon)