Gender: Masculine
Origin: French

The name could either be a contracted form of Gwenaël or Nathanaël. It has also been linked with the Medieval French form of Noël.

As of 2010, Naël was the 49th most popular male name in France.

A feminine for Naëlle.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Breton
Meaning: “fair and generous”

Derived from the Breton male name, Gwenhael, this name has recently become a trend  in France. For an English-speaker, it might be appealing due to the fact that is can be shortened to Gwen, Nelle or Elle.

Gwenhael was the name of a Breton Saint. He was an abbot and confessor and died circa 518 (C.E).

As of 2010, was the 498th most popular female name in France.

Another form is Gwenaela. A franconized masculine form is Gwenaël.