Gender: Masculine
Origin: Welsh
Meaning: uncertain

The name is an anglicized form of the Welsh male name Gruffudd, the later part which carries the Welsh element of udd meaning “lord” but the first part of the name has an uncertain meaning.

In Medieval times, this was a popular name in Wales and was borne by an 11th-century Welsh king.

In recent years, the name has been used in reference to the legendary creature that has the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. In this case it is derived from the Greek γρυψ (gryps) meaning “hooked, curved”.

Currently, Griffin is the 231st most popular male name in the United States, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Griffith (English/Welsh)
  • Gruffudd (Welsh)
  • Gryffudd (Welsh)

A common Welsh diminutive is Guto.