Gender: Masculine
Origin: Spanish
Spanish (gon-THAH-lo); Latin American Spanish (gon-SAH-lo)

The name is derived from a Visigothic name Gundisalvus which is composed of the elements gund (war) and salv which is of uncertain meaning.

Gonzalo is the root of the common Spanish patronymic Gonzalez.

The name was borne by several Iberian saints, the most notable being Blessed Gonzalo of Amarante (1187-1259), whose devoted has been popular throughout Spain and Portugal, no doubt, leading to the name’s popularity throughout the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world.

Currently, Gozalo is the 18th most popular male name in Argentina, (2009) and the 27th most popular in Spain, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Gontzal (Basque)
  • Gonçal (Catalan)
  • Gonsalve (French)
  • Concalvo (Italian)
  • Gonçalo (Portuguese)