Gender: Feminine
Origin: Italian

Originally a contracted form of Giovanna, the name has been in use as an independent given name since the Middle Ages.

It is currently the 66th most popular female name in the United States (2010).

The name is also used in Greece pronounced (yee-YAH-nah).

Another form is Giannina. Masculine forms are Gianni and Giannino.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: English
Meaning: feminine form of George, meaning “farmer.”
Pronunciations (jore-JANE-uh); (Jorejee-AH-nah)

In the Anglo-phone world, the name first came into usage around the 18th-century and was a popular name among British aristocracy, the most famous bearer being Lady Georgiana Spencer Cavendish (1757-1806), Duchess of Devonshire, a popular socialite and a political muse.

The name also appears in Jane Austen literary work Pride & Prejudice.

In Romania, she currently ranks in as the 10th most popular female name (2008).

Possible nicknames include G, Gigi, Gia, Giana, Georgie and Jane.