Vieno, Viena

Origin: Finnish
Meaning: “calm; delicate; soft; gentle.”
(VEE:eh-no; VEE:eh-nah)

The names are derived from the Finnish word, vieno, meaning, “calm; delicate; gentle; soft; mild.”

Vieno was, and still is, a masculine name, but since the 1920s, has also been used as a female name in Finland. Viena is strictly feminine.

Other feminine forms include: Viekka, Viekki & Viekko.

The designated name-day is June 15.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: German
Meaning: “ruler; soft, gentle: hence possibly meaning “gentle ruler.”

The name is composed of the Germanic elements, rich meaning, “ruler” and lind meaning “soft; tender; gentle.”

The name is considered hopelessly old fashioned in German speaking countries, but it may be appealing to the Anglo-phone parent looking for a name that has a” trendy-surname” appeal, especially if its pronounced the English way, (RICH-lind). In German, it is pronounced (ricH-lin-de), the CH is more of a gutteral H sound and the final E is pronounced.

Other forms are Richlind and Richlindis.

In Germany, its designated name-day is December 26.