Gender: Feminine
Origin: Breton
Meaning: “fair and generous”

Derived from the Breton male name, Gwenhael, this name has recently become a trend  in France. For an English-speaker, it might be appealing due to the fact that is can be shortened to Gwen, Nelle or Elle.

Gwenhael was the name of a Breton Saint. He was an abbot and confessor and died circa 518 (C.E).

As of 2010, was the 498th most popular female name in France.

Another form is Gwenaela. A franconized masculine form is Gwenaël.


Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic  كريم Карим
Meaning: “noble; generous.”

The name comes directly from the Arabic word for, “noble; generous.” In Islam, Karim is one of the 99 designations of Allah and is used to describe the Qu’ran (Al-Qur’an Al-Karim), literally meaning “the Noble Qu’ran.”

The name is used throughout the Islamic world, but is also used among Middle Eastern Christians.

The name has been occasionally used in Latin America, in Brazil, it seems to be a Portugized spelling for the Scandinavian female name Karin, but in this case it is pronounced (kah-REEN).

The name has numerous famous bearers.

As of 2009, Karim was the 260th most popular male name in France.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Kerim (Azeri/Turkish)
It is sometimes transliterated as Kareem. Feminine forms are Karima, Kerime (Turkish) or Kareema.