Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “milky white.”
Pronunciation (gah-lah-TAY-ah)

The name is found in Greek mythology. It borne by a wood nymph who lived on the Isle of Sicily; she was pursued by the giant, Polyphemos, but rejected his advances and fell in love with a local mortal by the name of Acis. In his jealousy, Polyphemos bashed Acis’ skull with a rock. Grief-stricken, Galatea transformed Acis into a stream.

Another Galatea was the object of Pygmalion’s affection. He carved a beautiful statue and fell in love with it, after praying to Aphrodite, the statue came to life and was named Galatea, due to the milky white texture of her skin.

Possible nickname options include Gala & Tea.

The name is used in Spanish and Italian.

Other forms include:

  • Galateja (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)
  • Galateia (Czech/Portuguese/Slovak)
  • Galatée (French)
  • Galatėja (Lithuanian)