Pressyne, Pressine, Persina

Gender: Female
Origin: Breton/French
Meaning: uncertain
Pronunciation: (pres-SEEN)

The name figures in Breton folklore as that of the mother of the serpent-woman Mélusine.

Pressyne was a fairy, and the local King Elynas had fallen in love and married her after meeting her by a fountain.

The fairy soon became pregnant and made one condition with Elynas: that he would not see her while in labor. The King did not keep his promise, and during his excitement he rushed into the chamber of Pressyne while she was giving birth.

The fairy had triplets, Mélusine, Melior and Palatyne, but since the king had not kept his promise, Pressyne and her daughters had to run away to the Isle of Avalon.

The king never saw his wife again, however, on their fifteenth birthday, Mélusine, along with her two sisters, decided to seek revenge on their father.

Mélusine captured her father and locked him up, along with his riches, in a mountain.

Pressyne became very angry after she found out what her daughters had done and punished each of them for their disrespect.

Mélusine was punished by taking the form of a serpent from the waist down each Saturday. If she found a husband who would agree never to see her on Saturday, she would remain a human woman, but if her husband ever saw her on a Saturday, she was doomed to become a serpent every Saturday until Judgement day. Melior was punished by keeping a sparrow hawk in a castle in Armenia until she was rescued, and Palatyne was imprisoned with her father’s treasure in a mountain of Aragon, Spain. (

Sometimes written as Pressine and sometimes rendered as Persina, the name is of uncertain origins and meaning, but due to its appearance in Celtic folklore, the name is most likely Celtic in origins. Some sources suggest that it may be related to the Breton words berz or berziñ which means “forbidden.”

Pressyne is sweet, subdued and yet at the same time, flighty. With the rising popularity of the masculine and unfeminine surname of Presley on girls, this would make a far lovelier and even more unique option, and besides, what little girl would not want to share a name with a fairy.

Possible nicknames include Prez and Press, or Pressie