Suttung Scolding the Dwarves

Suttung Scolding the Dwarves

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Old Norse/Icelandic/Swedo-Finnish
Meaning: “to hide; many warrior.”

The name is either derived from the Old Norse fela meaning “to hide” or it is composed of the Old Norse fjöldi meaning “multitude” and harjar meaning “warrior, army.” The name is borne in Norse Mythology by two dwarves, Fjalar and Galar, who transformed the blood of Kvasir into the mead of poetry, their story is found in the Skáldskaparmál. It is also borne in Norse Mythology by the rooster that will crow on the dawn of Ragnarok, the end of the world in Norse religion.

The name is still in usage in Iceland and it appears in the Swedish-Finnish name-day calender, its designated name-day being October 24.