Gender: Female
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “floral.”

The name is derived from the Latin word flos, meaning “flower.”

It was the name of the Roman goddess of flowers, she was the wife of Zephyr, the West Wind.

In modern terminology, the name has been used in reference to the entire plant kingdom.

The name was quite common in the middle of the 19th-century. With its two syllable sweetness, and its vintage charm, the name might appeal to those who find such names as Ava, Clara, Cora, Della, Ella, Greta, Mira, Nola, Perla appealing.

Other forms include:

  • Floor (Dutch)
  • Floortje (Dutch: diminutive form of Floor, used as an independent given name)
  • Fleur (French)
  • Fleurette/Florette (French: diminutive forms, used as independent given names)
  • Flore (French)
  • Floretta (German/English)
  • Flóra (Hungarian)
  • Fiora (Italian)
  • Fiorella/Fioretta (Italian: diminutive forms, used as independent given names)
  • Flura (Romansch)
  • Flor (Spanish)
  • Fflur (Welsh)