Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latvian
Meaning: unknown

The name is Latvian and is fairly common in it home country but is of uncertain derivation. It may possibly be a feminized form of the Scandinavian male name, Evert, which is the Scandinavian form of the English male name, Everett.

The designated name-day in Latvia is July 3.


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Evrard, Everard, Everett, Evert

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Germanic
Meaning: “brave boar.”
(EV-eh-rett) (EV-ret)

Everett has a rugged yet sophisticated feel. In recent years, his popularity has risen, possibly due to his adorable nickname option of Rett or Rhett. Last year, he came in at # 383. Not terribly popular but also not unheard of. Then we have the French form of Evrard (ev-HRAHR), which is a bit of a tongue twister for an anglophone, but also an interesting alternative that should be of note. Both names are derived from an ancient Germanic name Eberhard, which is composed of the elements eber meaning “boar” and hard meaning” brave; strong; hardy.” The name evolved into Everard in medieval England and later became Everett. It’s Scandinavian form is Evert (eh-VERT), which has recently become somewhat trendy in Sweden in recent years. In France, Evrard’s designated name day is August 15.