Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin/German
Meaning: “African.”

This exotic two syllable name is most notably attributed to a 4th-century German saint. According to legend, Afra was a Cypriot princess who somehow ended up in Augsburg Germany. There she worked as a high paying prostitute. Afra was later converted to Christianity by a visiting bishop. When the Roman authorities were executing Christians, Afra hid the bishop in her home. However, Afra was caught and burnt at the stake, along with her former co-workers, Ligna, Eunonia and Eutropia, which are three other obscure name worth noting.┬áThe name has been in usage in Germany for quite awhile, especially in the Catholic regions such as Bavaria. St. Afra’s relics are still kept in St. Ulrich’s and St. Afra’s Abbey in Augsburg. In 1298, a small town in Germany was named for the saint, known as Tafferot, its coat of arms depicts a woman amidst burning embers. Nameday is August 7th.