Origin: German
Gender: Masculine
Meaning: “bright angel; bright Angle.”

The name is either derived from the ancient Germanic elements engel meaning “angel” or angil meaning “Angil”, (an ancient Germanic tribe later known as the Anglos,) and the Germanic beraht meaning “bright.” The name was borne by a medieval German saint, an archbishop of cologne, who was martyred. Other famous bearers of the name include: Count Engelbert 1 of Berg (1160-1189), Engelbert Humberdinck (1892-1934) a German composer best known for his opera Hänsel und Gretel. Engelbert Humberdinck (b.1936) is a British pop singer born Gerry Dorsey, who took the stage name of Engelbert Humberdinck in honour of the German composer.

The name has experienced usage in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, (particularly in the region of Silesia), and Hungary. However, today, the name is extremely rare in all the above mentioned countries, especially in Germany where the name is considered very dated.

Other forms include the older German forms of Angilberct and Engelbrecht.

The designate name-day is November 7.