Amaury, Emery

Gender: Masculine
Origin: French
Fre (ah-moh-HREE); Eng (EM-eh-ree)

The name is essentially a French form of Emmerich.

The name was introduced into England via the Normans where it was later rendered as Emery.

As of 2010, Amaury was the 88th most popular male name in France. His rankings in the United States is as follows:

  • # 272 (Emery, United States, 2011, for girls-not recommended)
  • # 707 (Emery, United States, 2011, for boys)

Other forms include:

  • Amery (English)
  • Emery (English)
  • Emory (English)
  • Amauri (Portuguese-Brazilian)


Gender: Masculine
Origin: German
Meaning: “industrious ruler or universal ruler.”

This ancient Germanic name is composed of the elements ermen or amal (its debated) and ric which means ruler and is a common component in many ancient Germanic names. If the first element is from ermen then it would mean “whole; universal” + ric. If it is derived from amal then it would mean “labour; work; industry” + ric. In Germany, its designated name-day is September 2nd. The names Amerigo and America are distant relatives and cognates include the Hungarian Imre, the Swedish/Norwegian Emerik and the French Émeric.

Update: As of 2009, Émeric was the 476th most popular male name in France. While its Hungarian form of Imre was the 70th most popular male name in Hungary.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Imrich (Czech/Slovak)
  • Emmerik (Dutch)
  • Emerico (Italian/Spanish)
  • Emeryk (Polish)
  • Américo (Portuguese)
  • Emeric (Romanian)
  • Emérico (Spanish)

America shares the same etymology.


Origin: Italian
Gender: Male
Meaning “home ruler.”

Amerigo is an obscure Italian male name made famous by Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer, navigator and cartographer.

The continents of South and North America get their names from him. America being a feminized latinate version of Amerigo.

Amerigo itself comes from the Germanic elements haim meaning “home” and rich meaning “power, ruler; authority.”

Other forms of the name include:

  • Emerika (Basque)
  • Amèric/Emeric (Catalan)
  • Emmerik (Dutch)
  • Americ/Amery (English)
  • Emery (English: currently the 744th most popular male name in the United States-2008)
  • Aimeric/Aymeric/Émeric (French)
  • Aymeri/Aimery (French)
  • Emmerich (German)
  • Imre/Imrus (Hungarian)
  • Almerigo/Almerico (Italian)
  • Americo (Italian: modern form)
  • Emerico (Italian)
  • Merico/Merigo (Italian)
  • Americus (Latin)
  • Emerikas (Lithuanian)
  • Ajmeryk (P0lish)
  • Amalaryk/Amalryk (Polish)
  • Embryk/Emeryk (Polish)
  • Emmeric (Romanian)
  • Imrich (Slovak/Czech)
  • Américo (Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Emerico (Spanish)
  • Emerik (Swedish/Croatian)

A feminine form is the Spanish, América, currently borne by Ugly Betty star, America Ferrer.

Other feminine forms are:

  • Ameriga/Almeriga (Italian)