Gender: Masculine
Origin: French

The name is a French contracted form of the Breton male name, Elouan.

As of 2010, Loan was the 85th most popular male name in France.

Another form is Luan.

Feminine forms include Loane, which is currently the 103rd most popular female name in France, (2010) and Loanne # 446 (France, 2010).




Gender: Masculine
Origin: French/Breton
Meaning: “light.”

Rising in popularity in France, this trendy male name is actually of Breton origins, meaning “light”, it was the name of an Irish hermit who took up residence in 7th century Brittany. Canonized as a saint, a small chapel is dedicated to him in St-Guen where his tomb can be found. As of 2006, the name stood as 126 in the popularity charts, but has probably since risen. I can’t find statistical data from France since after 2006, but I have noticed its frequent appearance in French birth announcements. I have also noted the feminine form of Elouane. The designated name day is August 28th.

Update: Well, I guess I called that one wrong. As of 2009, Elouan dropped down to # 447.