Edin, Din, Deen

Edin, Din, DeenEdin (eh-DEEN) is a Bosnian name derived from the Arabic دين (din) meaning “religion; faith; creed.” Its feminine form is Edina.

Its original Arabic form of Din or Deen is also used as a masculine given name across the Islamic world.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: Hungarian

The name is a Hungarian elaborate form of Eda, the Hungarian form of Edda.

The name’s attention was brought to the English speaking world via the British Comedy series, Absolutely Fabulous, in which one of the characters was named Edina.

It is also used as a nickname for the city of Edinburgh, as a result, several places in the United States have been named Edina.

As of 2010, Edina was the 60th most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina.