Gender: Masculine
Origin: Swedish/Norwegian/Icelandic
Meaning: “chief, nobleman, earl.”

The name comes from the Old Norse word for chief, it shares an etymological relation with the English word and given name Earl. In Norse mythology, it is borne by the son of the god Ríg and Modir. His father taught him how to read, magic and to understand the language of birds. Jarl is considered the progenitor of the warrior race. Its designated name-day is October 11.



wh_1st_earl_of_clarendonGender: Masculine
Origin: Swedish/Norwegian
Meaning: “descendant of the Chief.”

He has a surnamey appeal and not a bad ring. This popular Scandinavian male name is a derivative of the Old Norse word jarl meaning “chief” in modern English this would correspond with the word earl. Its designated name-day is October 11. An Icelandic form is Erlingur.