Gender: Masculine
Origin: Croatian/Czech/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovak/Slovene
Meaning: “soul

The name is derived from the Slavonic element, dusha, meaning , “soul.”

Likewise, in Czech, it can also be a derivative of the Old Slavonic male name, Duchoslav meaning “soul glory.”

The name was borne by 14th-century Serbian King, Stefan Uroš IV Dušan (1308-1355). He was considered the most powerful Serbian ruler in history and perhaps one of the most powerful rulers in 14th-century Europe.

Other forms include the Polish Duszan, the Bulgarian Dushko, the Hungarian Dusán and the Romanian Duşan.

Feminine forms include Dušana and Dušanka.

The designated name-days are April 9 (Czech) and May 26 (Slovakia).


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