Gender: Masculine
Origin: Hungarian
Meaning: “dream”

The name was borne by the first Grand Prince of the Magyars (854-895), according to legend, his mother Emese dreamt that she was impregnated by a Turul bird, begetting Álmos, and she saw he would be the leader of a great nation, hence the origin of his name.

The designated name-day in Hungary is January 1.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovene
Meaning: “dream”

The name is derived from the South Slavic word sanjati meaning “to dream.” Thanks to Capucine for suggesting this name.

The name also has a history of being used as a diminutive form of Alexandra, in recent years, however, the name has exclusively been used as an independent given name due to the fact that it means dream. It currently ranks as the 86th most popular female name in Slovenia. The name is borne by Croatian singer and television host, Sanja Doležal (b.1963), Montengrin Serb singer, Sanja Djordjevic, Croatian-American actress and star of Holes Sanya Mateyash (nee Sanja Matejaš) and Serbian singer, Sanja Maletić (b. 1973).

A masculine form is Sanjin.