Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech
Meaning: “oak grove”

The name is derived from the Old Slavonic, dubrava, meaning “oak grove.”

In Ancient European culture, oak groves were considered especially sacred.

The name was borne by a medieval Bohemian princess (945-977), a member of the Přemyslid dynasty, she became Queen of Poland through her marriage with Mieszko I, and according to some sources, she was the one who goaded her husband into accepting Christianity in 966.

In Polish she is known as Dąbrówka or Dobrawa.

Other forms include:

  • Dubravka Дубравка (Croatian/Serbian)
  • Dąbrówka (Polish: dowm-BROOF-kah)
  • Dobrawa (Polish: daw-BRAH-vah)
  • Dúbravka (Slovakian)

A Serbo-Croatian masculine form is Dubravko Дубравко.

Czech diminutives are: Doubra, Doubravuše, Dora, Dobruše, Duběnka, Dorka, Doubí and Duba.

The designated name-day in the Czech Republic is January 19.