Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latvian
Meaning: “little dew.”

The name is derived from the Latvian rasa meaning “dew” with the diminutive suffix of-lite added on. Its designated name day is July 16.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Icelandic
Meaning: “dew”
(DEHWG) the O is akin to the eu sound in Fleur or the ea in learn, an easy way to pronounce this name is to say the name Doug with your lips a bit rounded.

In recent years, due to its one syllable sound, the name has become a common middle name option for Icelandic parents.

As of July 2007, only 46 women in Iceland had this as first name, while 1,346 had it as a middle name.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Farsi/Persian
Meaning: “dew”

The meaning of dew is used to describe dew drops on a flower or plant. The name is a popular name in Iran and is used in Pakistan as well.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Bulgarian
Meaning: “dew; dewey.”

The name is derived from the Bulgarian word rosa meaning “dew.”

Rositsa has a become a prevalent female name, a patriotic name, it is also the name of one of the major rivers which run through Bulgaria.

Rosa itself is also used as a name, both in reference to the Bulgarian word and it is also used as a form of Rose.

Diminutives include Roska and Rositska.

(upper left, River Rositsa).