Gender: Feminine
Origin: Azeri/Turkish
Meaning: “day; sun”

The name is derived from the Turkic gün meaning, (day, sun).

Turkish forms are Günel and Güneli.

Gunel is currently the 2nd most popular female name among the general population of Azerbaijan, (2011).


Päiviö, Päivi

Origin: Finnish
Meaning: “day.”

Päiviö is a Finnish male name that is either derived from the Finnish word päivä meaning “day” and perhaps started off as a vernacular form of the Old Norse name, Dag. It may also be a Finnish form of the Sami name, Peivas, meaning, “son of Day.”

The feminine forms of Päivi and Päivä are far more common in Finland.

Other feminine forms include:

Päive/Päivi (Estonian)
Päikki (Finnish)
Päivikki (Finnish)
Päivykkä (Finnish)
Päivyt (Finnish)

The designated name-day in both Finland and Estonia is June 16.