DamiaOrigin: Greek
Meaning: “earth mother”
Gender: Feminine
Pronunciation: It. Grk. Fre. Eng. (DAH-mee-ah); Eng. (duh-MEE-ah).

This is the name of an obscure Greek goddess who is sometimes associated with Demeter. According to legend, Damia and Auxesia were two Cretan maidens who were stoned death in a revolt. Their persecutors felt so guilty for what they did, that they turned the two maidens into goddesses, erecting shrines in their honor and holding festivals. Other sources report that Damia (of the earth) and Auxesia (of the growth) were two goddesses who personified fertility. Damia was sometimes synchronized with Demeter, and Auxesia with her daughter Persephone.

The name itself is most likely composed of the Greek elements, da, dê, gê (earth) and maia (mother nature).

In more recent history, Damia was the stage name of French actress and singer, Marie-Louise Damien (1889-1978). During the peak of her career, the name experienced some minor use in French-speaking countries, thought it never became very popular. In France, Damia is considered third greatest singer of chansons réalistes after Édith Piaf and Barbara.

The name also appears in the Old Testament as the name of a village in Jordan also known as the City of Adam, mentioned briefly in (Joshua 3:16).

Alternately, Damià (dah-mee-AH) is the Catalan form of Damian. It is borne by Spanish football player, Damià Abella Pérez (b. 1982).





Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “to tame.”

The name is derived from the Greek Damianos ,which, in turn, is derived from the Greek word, damao, meaning, “to tame.”

The name is borne by the twin brother of St. Cosmo. They were martyred together in 4th century Greek Syria.

The designated feast day is July 1st in the Greek Orthodox calender.

In recent years, Damian has risen increasingly in popularity coming in at # 133 most popular male name in the United States. Its French counterpart of Damien comes in at # 189. The name is also quite popular in Poland. The feminine offshoot is Damiana and there is also the rare French female name of Damienne.

Other forms include:

  • Damyan Дамян (Bulgarian)
  • Damjan Дамјан (Croatian/Serbian/Slovene)
  • Damiaan (Dutch)
  • Damian (English/German/Polish)
  • Damien (French)
  • Damio (Italian)
  • Damiano (Italian)
  • Damianos Δαμιανος (Greek)
  • Damianus (Latin)
  • Damião (Portuguese)
  • Demyan Демьян (Russian/Ukrainian)
  • Damijan (Slovene)
  • Damián (Spanish)

Feminine forms include:

  • Damienne (French)
  • Damia (Greek)
  • Damiana (Italian/Spanish)
  • Damijana (Slovene)