Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek Κυνθια
Meaning: “of mount Cynthos.”

The name was used in ancient Greece as an epithet for the goddess Artemis as she was said to be born on Mount Cynthos in Greece. In the English-speaking world, this was not used as a given name until after the Renaissance when many Greek mythological names were brought to the forefront as proper English given names.

Currently, Cynthia is the 380th most popular female name in the United States, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Cynthia (Dutch/English/French/German)
  • Cynthie (French)
  • Kynthia Κυνθία (Greek)
  • Cinzia (Italian)
  • Zinta (Latvian)
  • Cyntia (Polish)
  • Cíntia (Portuguese)
  • Ciniza (Slovene)
  • Cintija (Slovene)
  • Cintia (Spanish/Italian)

In English, Dutch and German, Cindy or Cindi are the default nicknames.