Gender: Feminine
Origin: French
Meaning: “famous in battle.”

The name is derived from the Frankish name Chlotichilda, which is composed of the elements, hlud meaning “famous” and hild meaning “battle.”

The name was borne by a Frankish queen and saint who is known for converting her husband and the Franks to Christianity.

As of 2010, Clotilde was the 430th most popular female name in France.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Klotildis (Dutch/Frisian)
  • Clotilde (English/French/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Clothilde (French)
  • Chlothilde/Klothilde (German)
  • Chrodechild (German: archaic)
  • Klotild (Hungarian)
  • Chrodigildis/Clotildis (Late Latin)
  • Klotylda (Polish)
  • Clotilda (Swedish)

In France, the designated name-day is June 4.