Gender: Masculine
Origin: English
Eng (CHAD)

The name is a modern English form of the Anglo-Saxon, Ceadda (CHAD-duh). The meaning and origins of the name are somewhat of a mystery, but since St. Chad was believed to have been of Celtic origins it has been suggested that it may be a derivative of the Welsh, cad, meaning “battle.”

The name was borne by a major 7th-century English saint. His cult was very popular in England before the Protestant Reformation and the name seems to have died out with the Reformation as well. Chad was not revived until the mid-20th-century. Between 1972-1973, Chad peaked at its highest coming in as the 23rd most popular male name in the United States. As of 2010, he is the 547th most popular male name.

The designated name-day is March 2nd.