Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic  سكينة Сакина
Meaning: “calm; peace; tranquility.”

The term sakina is derived from the Arabic, sukun, meaning, (calm; tranquility; serenity; peace of mind). The term appears in the Qu’ran as the name of an attribute that fell upon Mohammed and his followers from Allah when they entered Mecca unarmed.

Sakina shares the same etymological root with the Hebrew abstract feminine noun, shekinah שכינה‎, which means “dwelling; settling” but in Judaism is used to describe the presence of God in the world.

In Arabic Sakina appears in various forms such as Sukina and Sukayna.

The name was borne by the daughter of Hussein and the great-granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed, Sukayna bint Hussein. She is revered as a great saint among Shi’a Muslims, known in her life time for her devotion, piety and charity, she was the favorite daughter of Hussein.

As of 2010, Sakina was the 444th most popular female name in France while its Maghrebin form of Soukaina came in lower at # 487.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Soukaina (Algerian/Moroccan/Tunisian)
  • Sukaina/Sukayna (Arabic)
  • Sukina (Arabic)

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Faroese
Meaning: “calm; tranquil.”

The name comes directly from the Faroese word for, “calm; tranquil.”

As of 2010, Ró was the 7th most popular female name in the Faroe Islands.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Finnish/Estonian
Meaning: “silent; quiet; calm.”

The name is related to the Finnish words hiljainen (quiet), hiljaisuus (silence) and hiljaa (quiet, calm). It was quite popular at the turn of the 19th-century. Its designated name-day is October 8.

Vieno, Viena

Origin: Finnish
Meaning: “calm; delicate; soft; gentle.”
(VEE:eh-no; VEE:eh-nah)

The names are derived from the Finnish word, vieno, meaning, “calm; delicate; gentle; soft; mild.”

Vieno was, and still is, a masculine name, but since the 1920s, has also been used as a female name in Finland. Viena is strictly feminine.

Other feminine forms include: Viekka, Viekki & Viekko.

The designated name-day is June 15.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: Finnish
Meaning: “calm; serene.”
(SAY-yah) Audio can be heard here:

The name seems to have been revived by a Finnish school teacher by the name of Yrjö Karilas, who gave the name to his daughter, Ester Seija Karilas (b.1917). Karilas’ claimed that he saw the name Seia, the name of an Ancient Roman goddess of crops, and it reminded him of the Finnish word seijas, meaning “calm; serene.” However, the name seems to pre-date the birth of Karilas’ daughter, as records indicate that there were at least two girls named Seija born in 1912.

Seija became the most popular female name in Finland in 1948.

Its designated name-day is December 13.


patience boyGender: Feminine
Origin: Lithuanian
Meaning: “calm and patient.”

The name is composed of the Lithuanian elements kantus, kantrus meaning “patient” and rimti meaning “calm.” Its designated name-day is October 19. Masculine version is Kantrimas.